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Cat's Home

The project that started it all.

This project was made 100% in house from a simple ideea.

We can also do it for you.

A dream home and playground for every indoor cat.

It all started when we got our first pet “Puss the female cat” in a small flat that we used to live in.
We saw that our cat didn’t fit well in this endearment and tried her best to find accommodation in this human designed habitat.
We started searching the internet for information and products to give her the best live we could, and to have a happy cohabitate. All the products we found didn’t perfectly fit the purpose. The play sets were quickly disregarded as boring as Puss started to go to adulthood and the best things where the hiding and sleeping spots that weren’t many in a small apartment with minimal furniture. The apartment was mostly on one dimension except for a cabinet. One day the perfect idea came from the letter “P” from Puss the cat (Puss Pisica) and the “P-ul pisicii” was born. It wasn’t perfect and for sure not the prettiest, but It had it all. The hiding, the resting place, the playground, the hideout, the tunel, the scratcher. The cat loved it, and it got really confident and much happier.

The “P-ul pisicii” was designed and created in the fist woodworking shop improvised with minimal tools in the living room of Dragos and Teo’s undercontruction house. They did a lot with basic tools, and the result was magic.
Having friends over that are also cat lovers, made us realize that “P-ul pisicii” was sometihig special and something that people needed as much as their pets.
So we started working on another version using what we have learned for the first one and Casuta Pisicii was born.

It is a simpler smaller more general version of the “P-ul Pisicii” and more important than the last version it was beautiful. 

The functions

We had the first product and the demand but didn't have the branding.

So we created it in house. We had the name and the concept and from there it was just a matter of finding our look. We made it simple, cute and lazy.

This is our first brand story told shortly.

If you want to hear the whole story or you want us to help you wright your own, don't hesitate to contact us.

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